Headkicker "s/t" Tape

Headkicker "s/t" Tape

Sorry State Records
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The debut cassette EP from Raleigh, North Carolina’s Headkicker!

Headkicker’s intense yet eclectic sound glides elegantly between several different punk styles and scenes. Opening track “The Law” is built around a sinister bass riff, the song’s punk rock snarl recalling Hank Wood & the Hammerheads’ garage bounce, while “Future” is a furious pogo tailor-made for Raleigh’s chaotic basement shows. Standout track “Televise” recalls classic 77 punk bands like the Saints and the Damned with its meaty, driving riff and infectious chorus hook, and the pop jangle of “Crafty” serves as a respite from the non-stop intensity.


Through all the subtle variations in style, Headkicker’s confident playing and the EP’s crisp, warm production keep the energy level in the red, just where you want it to be. Like the best bands from Raleigh’s long tradition of punk and hardcore, Headkicker stitches the best parts of their inspirations into a sound that sounds classic yet wholly their own.

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