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Hawkwind "X In Search of Space" LP

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Limited reissue on Libertad.

This 1971 album is somewhat different from albums like Hall of the Mountain Grill (1974) and Warriors on the Edge of Time (1975) in that the mellotron is not used at all and synthesizers are not layered as thickly. This was 1971 after all so this was to be expected. Admittedly however, there is a good deal of electronic experimentation on what sounds a lot like a VCS3 by Del Dettmar and Dik Mik Davies, in addition to various tape effects.

In terms of musical styles, this is essentially space rock with a bit of a heavy edge to it. Former Amon Duul II bassist Dave Anderson and Terry Ollis (drums) lend the music a thumping, at times almost simplistic "garage-band-like" sound but are capable of somewhat sensitive playing as well. Both of these guys left the band around this time only to be replaced by Lemmy and Simon King respectively.

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