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Golden Pelicans "Oldest Ride, Longest Line" LP

Total Punk
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"After making a run at the heavyweight championship of the punk rock world with their debut long player back in 2014, the GOLDEN PELICANS are back with a new 12”—and this time they’re determined to take the belt back to Orlando. On Oldest Ride, Longest Line the Pelicans bolster their patented thug punk attack with monstrous riffs straight out of the seventies Aussie hard rock playbook. Think of an alternate reality where Black Flag got stuck on Rose Tattoo instead of Black Sabbath and you’re almost there. However, like any veteran of the ring, the Pelicans are more than just a bunch of one-move jabronies. Sure, the nine songs on this record seethe with an aggressive swagger guaranteed to put hair on your chest, but these guys have the brains to meld their tough-guy bravado to the type of memorable hooks that serve as the backbone for all the best punk rock. The result is a non-stop rager that rips from start to finish. If you are a TOTAL PUNK who enjoys the finer things in life like shotgunning beers, the X-Spurts album, and Scott Steiner promos, then learn to love the Golden Pelicans, because they may just be the best band around. Limited to 500 copies with silkscreened covers featuring a killer design by Mac Blackout."—Steve Borchardt. Edition of 500 copies with silkscreened jackets.

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