Fat Shadow "Foot of Love" TAPE


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Sprouting from the fertile musical soil of Bloomington, Indiana and reaching sonic tendrils towards a zodiac-infused night sky, FAT SHADOW presents their debut LP, Foot of Love. With rock’n’roll pedigree to spare (members are/were involved in Pink Razors, Landlord, Early Day Miners, Holopaw and more) and the un-fakeable vibe of long-time friends and collaborators, Foot of Love sparks with the energy and sound of impassioned voices finding themselves. Raised on riot grrrl ethos and played with classic rock musical sensibility, the album stretches from fuzzed-out, shredding drive to tender groove, with vivid lyrical imagery, sound collage and flourishing vocal layers knitting it together.

It’s difficult to talk about this band without using gardening metaphors. They have deep roots in the DIY scene (members’ past bands have put out records on No Idea, Plan-It-X, and Recess Records, plus the band runs their own label, Houseplant Records); their musical direction is about branching out and growth. It’s also difficult to avoid astrology, because once again this band has it all: a fire sign (Jeff Grant, drums), a water sign (Erin Tobey, bass and vocals), an earth sign (Daun Fields, vocals), and an air sign (Chris Mott, guitar). Like Fleetwood Mac, the band is composed of two couples. Like Black Flag, the band members run a label and put out their own records. Embracing all the elements, and fitting them into a harmonious whole, Fat Shadow represents the natural progression of underground music. “Punk, in my mind, is evolving as I get older,” says Daun. “I consider myself a punk, but I also consider myself a lot of other things.”

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