Drake "Scorpion" 2xLP
Drake "Scorpion" 2xLP

Drake "Scorpion" 2xLP

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Since Take Care, there has been two types of Drake "fans":

A: people that were with him since the very beginning (Room For Improvement and the Heartbreak Drake series) and know that singing has always been apart of his platform just as much as rapping.

B: people that joined Drake's wave at Take Care and think his singing is just a tacked on feature of his work and expect everything he does to be mostly rap.

In this newest album, drake tries to give both types of fans exactly what they expect, and because he did that, one group (the post Take Care "fans") feels like this project is mostly filler (all of Side B and some songs on Side A). Both sides, however, have so much content to offer. Nonstop, Emotionless, Sandra's Rose, Ratchet Happy Birthday, Don't Matter to Me, Final Fantasy...it is very possible to enjoy this album without even listening to the two singles. Day-1 fans will appreciate this whole project and I highly recommend it for anyone that is one.

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