DOA "Don't Turn Your Back" LP

Sudden Death

$ 14.00

DOA did their first full-on tour of the UK and Europe in 1984. It was gruel-a-thon: 50 shows in 60 days in 10 different countries. At the end, the band was about to return to Vancouver when they got an offer from the BBC to record a “live in the studio” session. So, the day before the flight home, Canada’s punk pioneers paid a visit to BBC Headquarters in London. Steel Pulse was just finishing up their session before DOA took over the studio and reeled off an explosive four-song set for the UK’s top DJ John Peel. During the ten-hour session, the Men of Action recorded “General Strike,” “Race Riot,” “Season in Hell” and “Burn It Down.” It was an exhilarating end to a groundbreaking tour on which the band that coined the term “hardcore” showcased what punk rock could be.

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