Dirt Devil "s/t" LP

Dirt Devil "s/t" LP

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Formed in 2015, Dirt Devil is a rock band from Western Massachusetts. Dirt Devil draws on a range of musical influences from dream pop to hard rock. The group often incorporates visual elements into live performances and music videos using costumes and sets.


“Dream poppers Dirt Devil are a new band to keep an eye on. While it is certainly popular (and easy) to stomp distortion pedals, creating a wall of sound without looking back, Dirt Devil takes it a step further: their genius lies in their songcraft. Marked by calculated and intentional arrangements, Dirt Devil has a knack for fiercely catchy melodies.” Valley Advocate

“Dreamy punk with a strong overdriven punch, sleepy lullaby compositions with a surf pop haunt. It’s heavy like your eyes when it’s time to drift into a dream, but overdriven enough to match the volume of the thoughts that keep you awake.” Maximum Rock N Roll


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