Despise You "Westside Horizons" LP
Despise You "Westside Horizons" LP

Despise You "Westside Horizons" LP

Tank Crimes
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62 track collection album from Inglewood’s Power Violence OGs, Despise You.

LP housed in a gatefold jacket with additional insert and download card. 

All of these songs were recorded between 1994—1996. The group used lots of old school Venice looking graffiti lettering and badass handmade t-shirts with Suicidal Tendencies styled artwork to create elements of their visual aesthetic—all of which was a Brujeria-esque ruse, complete with false tales of the band's links to gangs and criminal activity. The membership of Despise You was actually made up of individuals who had been involved with Excruciating Terror, 16, Stapled Shut, and Pessimiser Records, among other outlets; and despite the existence of a few show flyers, the band apparently never performed live during their brief stint. (?)

This disc is an almost complete discography (some cover songs were recorded and never released, granted covers from Possessed, D.R.I., Circle Jerks, and Beowülf do appear herein, I'm not sure if any other comp tracks or whatnot are missing) compiling 16 previously unreleased tracks; 10 compilation songs; the "PCP Scapegoat" 7"; and split 7"s with Stapled Shut, Suppression, and Crom. The grand total is a whopping 62 tracks in less than 45 minutes—meaning that you're in for a hell of a lot of short bursts that almost always clock in at less than a minute apiece.

Despise You ... how to "categorize" ? Is it hardcore? Absolutely. Is it grind? Sometimes, sort of. Is it power violence? I think so, in that it blends intense blasts of raging speed with sludgy breaks and an overall sense of complete and total fury. Despise You, however, fit that bill in the best possible way, managing to counter frantic speeds and ripping vocal arrangements with slow, dingy dissonance and a songwriting approach that actually feels energetic and memorable. 

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