Dawn Ray'd "The Unlawful Assembly" LP

Halo of Flies

$ 12.00

Dawn Ray'd willingness to push their musical boundaries as far as their political convictions sets them apart in an often stagnant scene, and I'm fully comfortable pointing to The Unlawful Assembly as one of 2017's finest extreme metal recordings. 

"The Unlawful Assembly feels like a realizing of what and who this band is," says vocalist and violinist Simon B.  "Our debut EP, A Thorn, A Blight, was our first release together as a black metal band, and I'm proud of it, but this record for me is a fully realized example of what this band needs to be. This is the black metal band I want to hear, these are politics I am looking for but never finding in music, and it is the subtlety and also drama that I think black metal is meant to have."


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