Dark Lion "Demo" 7"

Vinyl Rites

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Politically driven, unpredictable rhythms, and raw 8 track recordings, these sassy Floridians document one of the most lively and short lived punk life spans in recent years. limited to 300 copies.

In the wake of the the newest middle east conflict in 2002, Dark Lion erupted in Pensacola, FL, a poor Navy town. Dark Lion's lyrics and live show were so full of contempt and violence, so full of the frantic energy that they felt at the time. With the war, siblings joining the army, people in jail all the time and the basic, deep hatred you feel when you are young as the backdrop, they wrote 6 songs of no-wave meets riot grrl punk, but I'm not sure they had any interest in genre. The demo went basically unheard, sold on cassette and CD-R on their one and only tour, despite being a completely uncompromising, original and dangerous punk recording. Few bands are as representative of a time in the way Dark Lion were, Born Against and Bikini Kill come to mind. Musically they are somewhere between Teenage Jesus and Nog Watt, but all their own. RIP Dark Lion, long live Dark Lion.

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