Dark / Light "Kill Some Time" LP

Dirt Cult

$ 13.00

Dark/Light (pronounced DARK SLASH LIGHT) consists of vocalist Candy Schramer, guitarist/vocalist Justin Schramer, drummer Mary Esquivel, and bassist Tarika Hanawalt. The band was formed in Portland Oregon, sometime back in 2013, yet the roots are much deeper. All four members grew up in the PNW, have known each other and played together in punk bands for years.

Portland, Oregon”s Dark/Light are back with their new record, Kill Some Time. Vocals are a large part of the Dark/Light style. Straight off on the opening track, “In Our Dreams” their boy/girl voices come crashing in all over one another, the basis of the two-minute song a sour, racing guitar line. The LP continues with elements of jangle pop, some crushing riffs set up against a surf rock rhythm guitar, distorted bass,  some Misfits drama shaken with some post punk icy guitar. All that and the feeling of imminent collapse.  Whether or not garage or punk – or mutant punk – is your cup of tea, this is one razor sharp record worthy of consideration. Dark/Light gets in and out of their songs, cutting their sound bare down to the bone. This band maintains a level of ferocity, while also teasing experimentation with enough verve to keep it all feeling fresh. And fuckin' punk.



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