V/A Cold Moon "A Benefit for the Wolf Sanctuary of PA" Tape

Hydrogen Man

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This stellar compilation gathers music from 19 hardcore and metal bands from around the world to benefit the Wolf Sanctuary of PA; a facility of over 80 acres devoted to providing a home for wolves who find themselves without a place in the natural world.

Most of the recent roster of bands on Hydrogen Man are represented here, Boroughs, Counter, Dying, Falter, Great Reversals, Jungbluth, Of Feather and Bone, and Woodwork all provide tracks, along with a host of other contributors including Axis, xRepentancex, Fucking Invincible, and Ultramantis Black. One standout here is the Knife Hits track from the upcoming "Eros" LP.  If you’re into metallic hardcore, there’s probably already plenty on that list you’re excited about, but the bands you may not have heard yet are some of the most potent in the lineup. Facility from NJ is one of the most compelling bands we’ve come across in some time. And Carnist from the UK present a dark and vehement dose of fury. The result of all these contributions is a surprisingly complete album with a broad range of heavy music, one of the rarest finds in DIY music: a compilation that can be played from beginning to end.



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