Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo split 7"

IFB Records

$ 5.50

"Cloud Rat, what more can I say?  They are definitely one of the best bands of our time in the grind/hardcore genre.  They've toured relentlessly and are genuine, honest punks that I'm proud to call my friends.  These 4 songs are among their most vicious, keeping true to their perfect blend of grinding fury and scathing heavy hardcore, all topped with Madison's signature lyrics and bile.  Orgullo Primitivo hails from Texas and Stephan drops one long track of powerful experimental grindcore.  It begins with hypnotic and intense spoken word and devolves into crisp and precise blasts of drum/vocal grind.  Both sides of the cover feature ambrotype photos by Ginger that only add to the sense of foreboding and disease that this record conveys." - Nevin / IFB

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