Cloud Rat / Disrotted split LP

Halo of Flies

$ 13.50

An immense split LP from two of the finest heavy bands around, Michigan's genre-bending grind-punks Cloud Rat, and Chicago's hellish doom-mongers, Disrotted.

Cloud Rat are usually known for their short frenetic blasts of noise-infused grindcore, but here they've taken a break from their usual formula and recorded one 18 minute track of schizophrenic grind/doom that effortlessly eclipses most peddlers of such lengthy numbers, offering more ideas and riffs in the one song than many bands manage over a whole album.

On the other side, the only thing that Disrotted's track has in common with their LP mates is it's length, albeit clocking in at 4 minutes longer. Their unique style of hideous, glacial-slow, relentless droning sludge is as punishing and brutal as anything out there, and serves as the perfect foil to Cloud Rat's frantic riffing.

Encased in an extravagant triple gatefold sleeve, adorned by the striking artwork of Ryan Brady.

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