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Civilization "s/t" LP

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Mid-tempo crust with a heavy ecological preservation vibe in the lyrics. I am reminded at times of HIS HERO IS GONE during the dark sparsely played heavy parts, or SAMHAIN when the music is goth and mid-tempo rocking and BORN AGAINST during the heavy and mid-tempo riffs. This thing is pretty fucking awesome, and although CIVILIZATION is just two people, it sounds like a full band, including a second guitarist! FULL." – Vinnie / Maximum Rock and Roll 

"What is it about Florida—or the South in general—that creates such dirge? There seems to be a dirty, swampy edge bands get from down that way. This two-piece guitar and drum combo, out of Jacksonville, Florida lays down some down-tuned aggression. Reminds me of the band Black Cobra with their Sabbath-ish, stoney riffs but with the punk energy of HolyMountain. Brooding, yet with a solid punch of energy at times to keep it interesting. The recording has a live feel to it.! – Donofthedead / Razorcake

"A real surprisingly great record to me. I like only SOME 90′s HC, as I think too much was too preachy and then some went the metalcore route which I could never stomach but for the underground side of HC most people would maybe agree that the most good DIY HC punk came from the South in the mid to late 90′s. And although a more new act, Civilization is also from the South – Florida to be more precise. Def taking in influence from the old Prank sound and self described as Damad meets the slower His Hero Is Gone material which I agree with, and add maybe some more extra sludgy heaviness that Southern HC is reknowned for ala early Floor and Buzzoven and there you have this great record. Covers are reversed old No Idea release covers screen printed over, another 90′s/Florida sort of thing to do.” – Nick / Cowabunga Records

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