Chrome Over Brass "s/t" LP


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Chrome Over Brass is the one man instrumental band of Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer of American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost). As a highly regarded drum technician he has helped meticulously craft memorable drum sounds on landmark releases from Converge, Coliseum, Beastmilk, and more. He has also served as touring drummer for Cold Cave, Saves The Day, Shelter, and many others.

After years of playing in traditional multi-member bands, Alex set out to do something that was 100% of his creation and control. Chrome Over Brass takes the traditional approach to songwriting and flips it upside down. Alex Garcia-Rivera's thunderous drum-riffs serve as the epicenter of everything rather than typical guitar-riffing/melody. The end result is a proto prog-punk mix that combines a High On Fire toughness with Don Caballero-like proficiency and swagger, all propelled by an urge for late 60s / early 70s inspired artistic exploration.

In a live setting Chrome Over Brass is an impressive sight. Alex Garcia-Rivera performs all percussion alongside his pre-recorded instrumentation, without breaks, making Chrome Over Brass a one-man experience unlike anything else out there.

A true DIY project, the debut album from Chrome Over Brass was recorded in a 100% analog process on 2 inch tape at Alex Garcia-Rivera’s own Mystic Valley Studio, a fully analog studio he built with his own hands. Each song is comprised of one complete drum performance on a simple 5 piece drum set (made by Alex himself), with no digital editing. Even guitar and bass tracks were recorded in singular takes; a true rarity in today's cut and paste music world.

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