Christ on Parade "Loud and Live" LP


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13 tracks recorded live on their 2007 West Coast tour on KFJC radio, this represents the set the "all original members" band played on both their West Coast and European tours featuring classic tracks from all eras of the band, with original vocalist Barrie picking up some of the second vocal duties of the later material. It was re-mixed from its original broadcast, and mastered by George Horn Mastering. CHRIST ON PARADE's reunions, including a recent successful one of Japan, have been marked by dedication to presenting the band as they are and were - the equipment and the sound, attack and intent are not falsely "updated" or "modernized", and while this record does peek through a lighter side of the band in between tracks, it's very true to their original records and will stoke out both old and new fans. LP's are on Green vinyl and limited to 550 Copies

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