Capsule / Furnace split 7"

Moment of Collapse

$ 4.00

Two heavyweights in today's hardcore-underground. To celebrate their friendship and to support their common european tour Capsule and Furnace team up to share this split 7".

First of are Capsule from Florida which should be known since their amazing album entitled "blue" on robotic empire records. With "whole grounds" they contribute one song which stands for the development of this band. Containing ex-members of Kylesa and Torche, they formed an incomparable sound of heavy music. Impressing guitar tunes coupled with passages of delay effects are only one ingredient. Without getting boring you´ll notice that parts return and win ground with each running time. Carried by surprising accents, dry basslines, an in your subconscious mind engraving voice and sluggish drumming, this band knows how to write great music.

Up next are Bostons forward raging band called Furnace. They contribute two songs which are blowing away every single doubt you might have, if you thought this band is something like Capsule`s sidekick for this release. This three-piece band wrenches a whole in your ears and knows how to fill it. Absolute forward raging drum- , guitar- and basslines paired with multiple voices are ready to hit your record player and surprises with a wide range of tempi. A really tight style and a brilliant sense to assemble fragments making this band to one of the most underrated ensembles around. s one extra song, which one is an instrumental one by Furnace. Enjoy.

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