Ascending "Istintiva Bellezza" LP

Ascending "Istintiva Bellezza" LP

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Ascending is one of hats worn by Detriti Records’ inexhaustible label boss Davide Lace (who also helms projects like Words and Actions, Parole e azioni, and Dusty Idols among others).

“E tu reagisci” (“And you fight back” for our anglophone readers) is the very first video from Ascending forthcoming album Istintiva Bellezza (“Instinctual Beauty”), which will be released on the 19th of November via—it goes without saying—Detriti Records.

In contrast to previous Ascending releases, Istintiva Bellezza is a Synth-pop / Coldwave / New wave record, crafted in the contrasted wake of bands such as Boy Harsher and Selofan.

Davide chose “E tu reagisci” as the album’s first single “because is probably the song with the strongest lyrics in this album… the themes are more or less the same I usually face in my other projects: intimate thoughts, psychological portraits, and life advice”.


Imported direct from the label in Germany.


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