Ars Phoenix "Violent Rain" LP


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The spirit of the early days of synth pop pervades the album, but thematically "Who Is Watching the Neighborhood Watchmen?" makes for an update of that classic theme of early industrial: paranoia. As Cabaret Voltaire built some of their legendary albums on the consequences of CCTV surveillance, Ars Phoenix updates it to drones and social media with a subtle nod to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in its title... Unlike many in the industrial/synth pop revivalist movement, Ars Phoenix makes no attempt to sound like they are tied specifically to the early 1980s. Their use of drum machines and synths might be in line with those days, but their overall approach is far more contemporary. It balances the familiar and fresh expertly, and results for some extremely catchy songs, the type of record that draws me in over and over again.

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