Accidente "Pulso" LP

Dirt Cult

$ 12.40

Accidente's third full-length "Pulso" is a cathartic and catchy, political and totally honest record. Accidente are from Spain and they sing in their native language, but the liner notes include English translations.


"Socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. Wait, sorry, really amazing socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. If it wasn’t for the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me this band came up through the New Brunswick, NJ basement scene—or at least were from somewhere on the East Coast. Equal parts melodic hardcore and straight up pop-punk, with beautiful vocals by Blanca. All of this together sounds like something in between the earnest swagger and jangle of the MEASURE [SA] and WORRIERS and the infectious, angered energy of LA FRACTION—or maybe like the too short-lived Syracuse band NO CONNECTION." - MRR

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