ACAB - Shirt


$ 12.00

New shirt! First week of sales benefit Pensacola's Prison Books Project!  

This new shirt features art from Rude Judy / Jane Harbour. The artist is compensated per shirt (support local artists!).  For this first week, Dead Tank profits from these will be donated to Pensacola's Prison Books Projects. This project provides "free books to improve the lives of prisoners, to provide educational resources, and to help reduce the likelihood of their returning to the prison system. Our communities fare better when prisoners returning to society have had an opportunity to learn, grow, and mature as individuals. Books provide the inspiration and knowledge for that growth." Sending over 10,000 books per year incurs quite the postage cost. 

And yes, all cops. 

Shirts printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton 6.1oz tees. Black ink on your choice of a pink or white shirt. 

Shirts are made to order. Expect an additional week for shirts to be shipped.

Remember - FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $60!  

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