Featured Labels

We bring together releases from all over the world. Here are some of our featured labels. 

Dirt Cult Records is a punk and hardcore label founded 2006 in Las Cruces. NM. Now based out of Portland, OR.  Check them out here. 
La Vida es un Mus is a punk hardcore label from Hackney, London, UK.  Check them out here. 
Popnihil is cassette label from Orlando, FL. Focusing on the darker art from the Southeast.  Check them out here. 
Fat Possum Records is was a label started in 1991 for the express purpose recording of R.L. Burnside. It later became an effort to find the last original bluesmen and record them before they died. Most of the artists were difficult to work with; they had talent and lived the blues, but either had little aspiration for success, encountered personality conflicts with management, or had a limited number of songs. Most of them had a sound that was too raw for success in the current market of of big-label blues.

Recently the label has expanded their catalog to include newer indie blues rock bands and select reissues. 

Check them out here. 
Label with nice variety and stellar output from California. Raw power violence, to Youth Attack inspired noise, to 90's grunge worship. Check them out here. 
Based in Raleigh, NC, To Live A Lie focuses on fast hardcore, grindcore and power violence. Check them out here.