Pez "Demo 2023" TAPE

Pez "Demo 2023" TAPE

Bellicose Records
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The mighty PEZ from Gainesville, FL.  A punk band that wears waves its nerd flag with pride. Singer Luke Pate is a professional computer coder and has managed to incorporate that skillset into the Florida band's visual aesthetic, something so fucking "un-punk" that it ends up becoming so fucking punk. To help promote the PeZ's AmRep meets Touch & Go Records meets Youth Attack riotus debut EP, World Within Skin, Luke—who along with band mate Cory Fischer are both also members of Frameworks—created a phone call system that fits in perfectly with their anything goes attitude.

PEZ is:
Luke (of Frameworks) - vox
Ryan (of Cosmetix, The Caution Children, Frameworks) - guitar
Quinn (of Cosmetix, Gimme, Captive Bolt, Asid Bateri) - drums
Wyatt - bass

tape layout design / edit/imprints by Tyler Barney
mixed/mastered by Matt Horner
bellicose logo by Stacey Matchett

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