No Future "Demo" TAPE

Televised Suicide

$ 7.00

Australian import. 

Female fronted raw punk band. 

Another debut release from this new group from Perth, members of other local acts, BIKINI COPS, TERRITORY, PEOPLE PROBLEM and WARCYCLE. Perth, Western Australia is well known for being one of the most isolated cities in the world, and the most isolated city in all of Ausrtalia. This is what breeds the best bands from this city, the lonely location, no touring bands, the same people playing in bands, going to gigs, partying and touring together. Its all that we fucking have. Playing a noisy, d-beat, pogo mixture of chaotic punk with a drilling guitar and pounding rhythm section with ripping dual male and female vocals.FOR FANS OF LEBENDEN TOTEN, GAS RAG, DESTINO FINAL and SAD BOYS.


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