Levitations "Dust" TAPE

Nervous Intent

$ 6.00

LEVITATIONS are a powerful, haunting three piece post punk/truewave band from Berlin, and this is the tape version of their debut album. The LP, released this month, is available on Berlin-based label Adagio830, home to bands such as Diat and Hoax. 9 songs of blistering dark post punk, evocative of powerful/icy bands like DA!, Slant 6, Kleenix/Lilliput, Arctic Flowers, and the Subnormal Girls comp. Raw and catchy at the same time. "Berlin trio Levitations make an intense, feverish, raw-nerved form of post-punk, one that takes its cues from the genre’s ragged pioneers rather than the sleeker, more danceable acts that came later. The album’s title track is a burning headrush of a song" (Stereogum)


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