Klypi "Consensual Hits" Tape

Klypi "Consensual Hits" Tape

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Pro-dubbed cs, glossy j-card, postcard, 1.5" button.

In the world of pop there is a trend for everything to be produced to the Nth degree. Vocals. Beats. Basslines. Everything. When it works, it is the best thing in the world, and when it doesn’t it really doesn’t. One artist who is going against convention, again, is Klypi. Previously, Klypi’s singles ‘Get Over You’ and ‘I’m Fine’ were deliciously delightful stabs of Queer Pop. Off-kilter melodies, bombastic beats and throbbing basslines were the order of the day. Now Klypi has returned with a debut album that builds on these foundations, while delivering so much more. 

“I’m living the high life, though I’m a lowlife. I’m living the high life. Red wine on ice” kicks off the album before industrial beats and pop synths explode from the speakers. ‘High Life’ is the perfect introduction to not only the album but the artist. It says it all. Living as large as you can, despite your pay-packet. Unapologetic about whether you find that appealing or not. If so, go away, you are annoying. The standout track on Consensual Hits is ‘Hardcoors Lite’. It opens with nursery rhyme melodies that gradually build to an apex of pop delight. Lyrically, this is not for kids. It’s a song about sexual trysts, break-ups, and living the best life you can. Klypi is unapologetic about any of this, and this is why the track works. Like the album, everything is laid bare and if you like it, cool. And If not, move along.

There is a wonderful lo-fi charm to them that really works. One of the most enjoyable albums I’ve heard this year. 

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