VRTRA "My Bones Hold A Stillness" TAPE

Sentient Ruin

$ 7.00

VRTRA's debut release is a monumental hell-spawned beast that will crush the listener with the force of a cataclysm. Comprised of three colossal movements of oozing negativity for a total of over thirty minutes of completely abhorrent blackened death-doom chaos, VRTRA have created an opera of abysmal imagination and of fathomless destructiveness, in which the primordial extreme metal fire of behemoths like Dead Congregation, Dragged Into Sunlight, Ulcerate, Diocletian, and Deasphell Omega is blown out of control by the swelling and foreboding atmospheres of bands like Neurosis, Unearthly Trance, Altar of Plagues, Disembowelment, and Blut Aus Nord.

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