Smile To The Wind "Illusions" 12"

Smile To The Wind "Illusions" 12"

Dead Tank Records
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Totally unreal mathy, metallic screamo from Russia.

For fans of Louise Cyphre, and Loma Prieta. 

Flabbergastingly good, this new 11-song 12"LP by Russia's Улыбайся Ветру (aka Smile To The Wind) titled 'Illusions' is a testament to chaotic, mathy, dual screaming hardcore. Seriously this is easily a contender for album of the year and fans of any technical, blazing screamo such as Loma Prieta, Neil Perry, and Louise Cyphre will likely be so happy they may soil themselves. Yep, it's that good. And the art is unreal, created by Marina Shumakova.
Released by Dead Tank, Zegema Beach, Trace In A Maze and Upwind Productions.
Pre-order ships March 20th. 

'Illusions' 12" vinyl on blue/300 with insert. 11 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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