Omen Astra "The End of Everything" LP

Omen Astra "The End of Everything" LP

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Nothing can fully prepare you for the scope and scale of what Omen Astra are documenting on this monumental debut. Crushing. Atmospheric. Challenging. Just some of the descriptors one might choose to wrap their mind around this release. Influences present include the brute force, technicality, and hooks of bands as diverse as Cult of Luna, Faith No More, Cave In, Gojira, and Neurosis, and even touches of the interstellar psychedelia and melodic songcraft of Bowie or Pink Floyd.


The full album is so sonically and emotionally heavy that it might transform your record player into a home version of the large-haedron collider. No comparison or written description is truly apt here, though it might be best characterized as an explosion of rage and beauty akin to the eye inside of a storm - an experience to be lived rather than read about. And one absorbed best at full volume!

Featuring members of: The Black Maria, New Day Rising, Spread the Disease

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