Coffin Birth / Shitgrinder split 10"

Televised Suicide

$ 16.50

Australian import. white vinyl /100.

It’s time for Aussie grind and if you do not live behind the moon you know, that things get serious when Aussies grab their instruments to grind. So, let’s start with COFFIN BIRTH from Brisbane, which is the location of both bands from this split. CB don’t waste time - a short intro with some machine gun noise and then they are all over you. Raw, dirty and fast. The vocals range from deep death metal grunts to high pitched shrieks, including these grunts which many powerviolence singers do. Plus these 7 tracks offer more than the usual grind - there are influences from bands like INFEST, old NAPALM DEATH (From Obliteration era) and here or there some death metal elements. I wouldn’t call their music deathgrind, but there’s definitely more metal in it as with SHINTGRINDER. Sadly, COFFIN BIRTH are already history. They’ve played their last show on September 23, see here. SHITGRINDER - what a lovely name! These two dudes (guitar/vocals and drums) start on their side with “Human Shit Grinder” and a Godzilla-like roar, which could wake the dead. SHITGRINDER are in comparision with COFFIN BIRTH more stripped down - simple guitar work with punk-like riffs and tornado drums. On top of that the guitarist goes apeshit with his deep grunts and mad screams. 10 songs, including a cover of UNHOLY GRAVE. All in all perfect noise for a little wild grind session at home. LP soon on RSR. 


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