Anti-Cimex "Live '85-'86" LP

Punk Vortex

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European import of this live banger. Official Live recordings from Stockholm 24/05/10/1985 and Leeds 02/07/1986. Comes with great insert. Cool live document of THE classic Swedish hardcore punk band!
A1 Depressed Brain
A2 Game Of The Arseholes
A3 Desperate Hours
A4 When The Innocent Die
A5 In The Shadow Of A War
A6 Silence Is The Only Thing Left
A7 Cries Of Pain
A8 Victims Of A Bomb Raid
A9 Alarm
B1 Intro
B2 Prelude E-Minor / Criminal Trap
B3 Game Of The Arseholes
B4 Smell Of Silence
B5 Make My Day
B6 Desperate Hours
B7 Set Me Free
B8 Painkiller


Side A was recorded at Birkagården in Stockholm on the 24/5/1985
Side B was recorded at the Adam and Eve's in Leeds 02/07/1986

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