Street Eaters "The Envoy" LP

Nervous Intent

$ 17.00

STREET EATERS are a truewave/punk band from Berkeley+Oakland, CA that has drawn a range of sonic comparisons to bands from The Ex to Masshysteri, Autoclave to Drive Like Jehu, Wipers to Burning Kitchen to KARP. After years of relentless international touring on the heels of their well-received album "Blood::Muscles::Bones" (released on Nervous Intent in the U.S./Contraszt! in Europe), the band dove deeply into their recording studio to create a new record with an expansive new vision - "The Envoy" is a concept album based on dystopian sci-fi powerhouse author Ursula K. LeGuin's books "The Dispossessed" and "Left Hand of Darkness". The songs are interspersed with instrumental interludes layering field recordings, planetary oscillations, comets, glaciers cracking, sea lions using tonal underwater sonar, a modded kids' karaoke box, heavily processed/delayed/bowed bass guitar, and more. Songs are at the heart of the album and keep the momentum and energy of the album high. The album's cover art is by Miriam Stahl, best-selling illustrator of the "Rad American Women A-Z" and "Rad Women Worldwide" books.



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