Psychic Teens "Hex" LP


$ 11.00

Philly's PSYCHIC TEENS return with "Hex": a five song EP that showcases their unique blend of post-punk, goth, shoegaze, and noise rock. With "Hex", PSYCHIC TEENS set to capture the sensory overload of their live show -colossal guitars and ear-piercing volume- and combine it with the gloomy mood they have brought on their previous three LPs.

Sonically speaking, Psychic Teens deliberately created two very distinct sides to "Hex"; choosing to place three abrasive noise rock songs together at the start of the record and two of their more sparse melodic songs at the end. There are moments of overblown screeching guitar as well as some of the more melodic song-structured pieces that are more akin to their LP "Nerve", from last year.

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