Midmourner "Adorned In Fear And Error" TAPE


$ 6.00

"Welcome to the days when titans such as Mugwart, Gods Iron Tooth, Grief and Leechmilk walked the earth; labels like Shifty Records, Mans Ruin and Berserker were the source of great mind melting music and Stonerrock.com was still in existence. Those were amazing days for Sludge, but those days aren’t forgotten by any means, especially with the likes of Midmourner rising up from the ashes of the past. Midmourner hail from Birmingham, AL, and members include remnants of the sludge heavyweights Molehill and Residue. These guys know and remember those days, and it shows with the sheer weight of these tunes. “Adorned in Fear and Error” is 29 minutes of misery drenched sludge with a couple shots of an oxycotin / hydrocodon cocktail for good measure. Bass and guitar tones bulldoze through with a massive murky trod in a way that is nothing less than perfect for this style. Both blend well into this wall of cranial crushing power through tracks like, “A Year We’ve Filled With Empty” “Wolf in the Baby’s Crib” and “A Salting of Circles.”

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