Ultha "Converging Sins" 2xLP


$ 22.50

Silver vinyl. 

ULTHA's second full-length album 'CONVERGING SINS' is a 63 minute rumination on the subject matter of how past events and wrong decisions will echo throughout the rest of our mortal existence. 

Over years experiences of failure and the conscious ability to willingly commit mistakes, to hurt, to reject, to alternate truths etc. lead to a path where silence in and around you is the ultimate repercussion. The  record is a testimony to everyday melancholia, inner solitude and the human struggle to lead the wrong life in the right, the struggle against your animalistic nature.

Hypnotic, reverberant black metal in a more US tradition played by acts such as Ash Borer, Weakling, Leviathan and Wolves In The Throne Room. It is combined with crushing doom heaviness close to acts such as Lycus, Asunder and Forn while also blending in an overall hopeless and gloomy atmosphere mostly connected to dark wave bands such as The Sisters Of Mercy


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