Tim Kinsella "Firecracker in a Box of Mirrors" LP

Joyful Noise

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The Chicago native, Tim Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Make Believe, and Joan of Arc), has cemented his place as one of the most groundbreaking, and unapologetically honest artists in modern music. Kinsella, known for his eccentric vocals, takes the listener on a gripping musical voyage while intricately weaving melodic hopefulness with lyrical heartbreak, and life experience.

2015's Firecracker in a Box of Mirrors (Joyful Noise) is a plethora of emotions involved with the human experience, the heart, and the guitar. Conceived while Kinsella was on a solo tour opening up for Pinback, Firecracker... is kind-of the inverse of Joan of Arc's Greatest Hits.

While the latter re-imagines classic JOA songs with full, robust instrumentation, Firecracker... has stripped away all the dense layers of these songs - leaving only a single guitar and voice. The basic, stripped-down instrumentation really allows these songs to shine in ways they never have.

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