Theologian "A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real" LP


$ 12.00

The latest in the abyss of recorded output from THEOLOGIAN comes in the form of the four punishing sequences A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real offers, with nearly forty-five minutes of material created in collaboration with David Castillo of Primitive Weapons and White Widows Pact, Daniel Suffering of Whorid, Matt Slagle, and engineer Kevin D. Reilly, Jr., who has periodically worked with Bartow since the earliest incarnations of Navicon Torture Technologies in the mid-late 1990s. Noisey offered in part of the album, “THEOLOGIAN's dark industrial pedigree is impeccable… A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real, is a nightmarish affront of torturous industrial rhythms and suffocating drones...” And Heathen Harvest issued, “Bartow is an artist who, like so many of his influential peers from Brighter Death Now to IRM, has been enormously important to our development as fans of industrial music over the past decade and a half... Bartow leads us once again into the deep, dark recesses of the mind and the world…”


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