Null "Sleepwalking Days" LP

IFB Records

$ 14.50

This Birmingham, AL band plays something akin to heavy stoner indie rock.  But I feel like that description does it an injustice.  It's a very airy album with lots of room to elements to breathe. It has a certain sparseness that make things very intentional.  That, mixed with the repetition, brings an perfect opening for the vocals, which, while simple, have a lot going on as well. The vocals are often more than one voice, singing together, almost chant-like. At some moments the interval of the voices reminds me of something Floor would do.   Alabama isn't known for it's caves, just like musically it isn't know for this band. But Alabama does have a cave, and these guys should play in it. This is cave rock, I'm calling it. 

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