Morbid Opera "Collection" LP

Vinyl Rites

$ 15.00

Finally, after years of work, the Morbid Opera discography LP!! 
Painstakingly compiled by Jeff Hodapp (ex-Roach Motel & spouse of Morbid Opera vocalist),  here is all the vital recordings of this underrated and under the radar band. From punk to bizarre psychedelic, pre-grunge freakouts, the band always did whatever the fuck they wanted. 
500 copies on heavyweight vinyl, thick covers, large color booklet with unseen photos, fliers, interviews, liner notes, lyrics, and more!!

Led by the striking vocals of the late Lisa Hodapp, Morbid Opera were a four-piece from Fort Lauderdale who were an integral part of the South Florida 80s punk scene. Tapping into hardcore's anger they backed it with Lisa's shouty vocals and an offbeat post punk and garage approach that at times sounded like Patti Smith or The Vaselines if they were from the Deep South.

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