Fire Team Charlie "Discography" CD+2xLP


$ 12.00 $ 18.00

This is the Discography from Fire Team Charlie collecting all of their tracks ever recorded. It contains all the released tracks as well as an addition unreleased track which is a Rites of Spring cover! 

This is also the first time that all of Fire Team Charlie's stuff has been in any way possible to get on CD!

Each copy comes in a nice gatefold package with the CD on the inside.

"FIRE TEAM CHARLIE, based in Houston/Texas, played a unique style of 90's rooted passionate hardcore that convinces with brilliant written melodies, a skillful preside over their instruments and varied song structures . Easy to grasp and full of joy these 15 songs leave an impression of melancholy, departure and tranquility. Everybody who's into bands like Closure, Off Minor, L'antietam or Saetia should take a notice."~moment of collapse

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