Thieving Bastards "Complete Musical Disasters" 7"


$ 5.50

There is a certain style of hardcore that was present in throughout the 80's and has generally been forgotten to time. USA had Cyanamid and Chemotherapy and Psycho Sin, France had Rapt, Netherlands had Larm, Italy had Wretched (not exactly in this style but close), Brazil had Olho Seco and SP Caos and Ulster, and the UK had a plethora of bands like this: Eat Shit, Sons of Bad Breath, Genocide Association, Suburban Filth, and of course, the infamous Skumdribblurz.

What style of hardcore do I mean? I mean punk bands without skill and without song, just banging on stuff as fast as they can and shouting indiscriminately over top, making a charismatic and energetic cacophony that challenges our notion of what "rock music" ought to be like. The same sort of musical characteristics we give to noisecore, but executed in a purely punk style; this was before "grind" had even been created, after all.

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