Shaved Christ "Bad Mind" 7"

Bakery Outlet

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Shaved Christ follow up their self-released tape with six new tracks of explosive, spastic hardcore. From the same session as their contribution to Scavenger of Death's LAND OF NOD: Atlanta Punk & Hardcore Omnibus LP, Bad Mind combines the energy of This is Boston Not L.A and weirdness of Fuckheads era Gauze. Recorded by Ryan Bell of Bukkake Boys/GG King featuring the powerhouse rhythm section of American Cheeseburger- Shaved Christ has a distinctly small town, "what the fuck is this?", slightly-off sound. Aging punks living in Athens, Georgia, still listening to Void, Pick Your King, Discharge, and early NYHC trying to make any sense of this bizarre reality.

6 song ep by Athens punk/thrash band including members of American Cheeseburger, Witches, NO!, Divorce, Goat Shanty, and Tres Kids. Early 80's hardcore in 2013. Bakery Outlet has harnessed these sounds onto random color recycled vinyl format for your enjoyment so brown it!

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