Crow Bait "Separate Stations" 7"

Dirt Cult

$ 5.50

Hot off the heels of their debut LP entitled "Sliding Through the Halls of Fate" on Don Giovanni Records, Crow Bait returns. The band is from New York featuring three guys that you probably know from past and current projects such as Sister Kisser, and Iron Chic. But if you're checking this out on the basis of those bands, expecting to hear another "Not Like This" or "Vipers" - two very good records – prepare to be left scratching your head. Crow Bait, while clearly looking forward, is also clearly trying to create something that resembles the music they grew up on - Goo Goo Dolls, Buffalo Tom, The Replacements, etc. And they do a damn good job. If you're like me, and you never change the dial when a good 90's alt-rock song comes on the radio, this record is right up your alley.

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