Cloud Rat / The Oily Menace / Wolbachia split LP

IFB Records

$ 8.00

"A three way split of vicious HC and grind. Michigan's Cloud Rat continues their assault with crushing riffs which lapse into grinding violence, all backed up by some of the most palpably pained vocals I've ever heard. Fellow Michiganders The Oily Menace rip through ugly, heavy as hell old school low vocals grindcore with political lyrics and even using some classic folk song lyrics (no folk in the music though I promise). While you try to reattach your face after the first two, Canada's Wolbachia works on giving you a stroke as they slash through some non-traditional grind that sounds like having a heartattack in a swarm of bees. Wolbachia is members of Kursk and they maintain that seething vocal sound. This is packaged in re-used inside out record jackets that are screenprinted.