Industrial Holocaust / Lotus Fucker split 7"


$ 5.50

Industrial Holocaust have been making some of the best grind music in the world since 1991. While their 90's records are indisputable classics, their recent output has shown no signs of slowing down (and I mean that literally, Rivelino's blastbeats sound faster than ever, which is insane to me). But while the extremity of their noisecore is world-class, what truly makes them one of the best grind bands ever is the stuff in between: the small musical vignettes that act as counterbalance to the noisecore flourishes. While making an insane noise-not-music attack, Industrial Holocaust manage to write particularly compelling, tasteful, and memorable grind/metal/hardcore parts, to make for a completed package that is very fucking powerful.

Lotus Fucker throw down 3 tracks of noise hardcore and 1 cover of See You in Hell (Czech Republic).

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