Drugcharge "s/t" Flexi 7"

Sorry State Records

$ 6.00

North Carolina's Drugcharge are one of those bands that seemed to come from nowhere and arrive fully formed, armed with some of the catchiest riffs in all of hardcore and a tightness that most bands have to work for years to earn. Clearly coming from a similar sonic place as recent pogo-infused hardcore bands like Glue and Strutter, Drugcharge not only match those bands in intensity, power, and catchiness, but also add in some subtle little quirks that, even to an avowed music snob like myself, seem truly novel, like the odd backing vocal tracks that are peppered throughout the record. In a world crowded with competent hardcore bands, Drugcharge manage to stand out as one of the handful that are truly special. Limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies.

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