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Old Lines / Will Potter "To Build a Fire" 7"

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Baltimore’s political d-beat mainstays, Old Lines in the form of a new split effort with renowned social activist and author Will Potter, aptly titled To Build A Fire. This is the first vinyl run via Life Advice Records, which is the new label imprint of Old Lines guitarist Mitch Roemer (formerly of Pulling Teeth).

This unique pairing sees Old Lines offering two blazing and deliciously brutal d-beat songs which are accompanied by spoken-word companion tracks via Potter. The first track “Hypothermia” is focused on the current loss of privacy in the United States and perceived complacency surrounding this phenomenon. Potter, in-turn, comments on the normalization of such acts as the FBI trolling social media, monitoring of phone records by the NSA, and corporations hiring their own private investigators to spy on protesters, in his “Paradoxical Undressing” spoken-word commentary.


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