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David Vassalotti "Broken Rope" LP

Wharf Cat
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As modern life spirals further into chaos and confusion, David Vassalotti’s newest album Broken Rope, a follow-up to his revered out-of-print 2011 LP Book of Ghosts, presents itself as a soundtrack for the tumult.

Vassalotti, a Florida-based songwriter and performer for critically acclaimed 4AD signees Merchandise (amongst numerous other projects), has used this record as an opportunity to delve further into his own diverse world of personal interests. Broken Rope is a passion project, with Vassalotti handling all of the writing, performing, recording, production, and art design.

In the chaotic globalism of the 21st century Broken Rope may not be the compass that helps us find our orientation, but it can still serve as a mirror to help shape our concept of where we fit into the fray. This is an adventurous album for uncertain times.

Tampa's Merchandise have a decade of artful hardcore and experimental pop under their belts-- but the devastating solo output of guitarist Dave Vassalotti is their best kept secret...

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