Horsewhip "Laid to Waste" release

"Laid to Waste" is the second album from Florida's Horsewhip. It's a strong collection of almost thirty years of relentless writing, rehearsals and touring from these individuals. Horsewhip include alumni from some of the most radical and celebrated hardcore bands from the early 90s, such as Reversal of Man and combatwoundedveteran. Cut from a similar cloth to those early bands, Horsewhip are a band that will surely prove irresistible to many within the global hardcore community.

It's a somewhat familiar sound filtered through twenty-plus subsequent years of American life and a heavy dose of Floridian swamp dread. It's thick and it's heavy. Four unshaven men having a go at it. This is a union of Medicine and Uranus.  HORSEWHIP delivers a dose of crusty, gnarled, noise-drenched hardcore anthems.

Listen and order the new Horsewhip LP here

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